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Hello everyone!!!!! Thank you for your interest in purchasing Monster Eyes. Let me share just a little bit of my life and career with you just to give you some insight into what lead me to write the book, Monster Eyes.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York many moons ago.  I lived there for several years until my mother moved us to the beautiful state of North Carolina where I finished high school at Smithfield Selma.  Post high school, I earned an Associates Degree from Johnston Community College and a Bachelors Degree from the great North Carolina Central University.
I began my law enforcement career as a beat cop with the Smithfield Police Department and the Selma Police Department.  I spent about two years with the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division before finding a job in eastern North Carolina where I retired as Interim Chief of Police after thirty years of service.  It was during my last tenure where I served seventeen years as Detective Lieutenant when "Monster Eyes" was formed.  Today, I still serve in many capacities on a part-time basis simply because I have a love and respect for law enforcement and what officers go through on a daily basis.  Split-second decisions must be made and sometimes the decisions aren't always right.  But most of us love our job and being a good servant to the community as you will read about in "Monster Eyes".
I've had a great career and now I hope you'll join me in this snapshot of a real crime thriller.  Just click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase on Amazon.  It can also be purchased on all other major retail sites.
Thank you again for purchasing  and as we say in the roll call, "Be careful out there."

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