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Kimothy Monroe has completed his new book “Monster Eyes”: an electrifying opus of a string of killings in a town that puts its people in a social, psychological, and economic crisis. Author Monroe unveils the darkness within the human heart that destroys what is left in one’s sanity: “‘Monster Eyes’ will take you on an unbelievable journey of betrayal and murder and into the mind of a cold-blooded, sexual deviant killer. A killer that lay in the midst of a small town where he was known by everyone. It travels through many genres of socio-economic lives of the characters herein. I believe it encompasses everything a good novel should; from a psychological thriller to crime drama. From love to hate, from rich to poor and from rags to riches. This book is about a town that was literally under siege for two long years waiting to see who the next victim would be. The story you are about to embark upon is based on real-life events with names and places changed to protect the innocent as well as victims. Once you start reading ‘Monster Eyes,’ you will thirst for more either because you want to know who the book is about or just maybe you can identify with the storyline and have been a victim yourself. I have never written a book before, but I found this story to be so compelling, I wanted to share it with the world. Thank you for reading ‘Monster Eyes’ and remember, somewhere there will be eyes watching you.”

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"Great book”  
Eric, Verified Amazon Purchaser
“A really good book” 
Gloria, Verified Purchaser
“Full of suspense” 
McClean, Verified Purchaser
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